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I was recently asked a great question, “My beard seems to have stopped growing, is there anything I can do to help my beard grow longer?”

There are several reasons why your beard may appear to stop growing.  Each hair on our body grows at a different rate of speed.  Not only that, but each hair has a different life span as well.  For instance, the hairs on our arms have a shorter life span than the hairs growing on our scalp.  Even the whiskers making up your beard grow at different speeds.  This is why your beard looks thinner when you start growing it out.  The faster growing hairs are shooting out quickly while the slower growing hairs are gradually catching up.  To keep that full looking beard as you are growing it out, be sure to trim those quick growing hairs periodically to allow the slower ones to catch up.

split ends

Another culprit in the stunting of beard hairs is split ends.  This is usually not a problem for men with beards that are kept short because they are regularly trimming all their whiskers.  However, men that are growing out their epic beards will need to be aware that split ends will arise, it’s a fact of life.  When your hairs start splitting it is a sign that the health of that hair is dwindling.  Split ends occur when the hair gets too dry.  Your beard hairs dry out quickly if your beard is dirty or unkempt.

By regularly brushing your beard you will not only detangle all those hairs that can get snagged and fall out, but you will also keep your beard clear of dirt and grime that collects throughout the day.  The dust and dirt that gets caught in your beard acts as a sponge to absorb the natural oils that your body creates to prevent your skin and hairs from drying out.  If the gunk in your beard is collecting all the moisture, it prevents the hair from gaining the nutrients it needs to survive and so it dries up, splits apart, and falls out.  Basically, the grime in your beard will kill it.

In addition to regularly brushing your beard, another tactic to try periodically is to trim the individual split hairs.  About once a month, I like to go through my beard looking for split ends.  If I run across a splitting hair, I use a sharp pair of scissors and trim the hair about ½ an inch above the split.  I have found that using a pair of cuticle scissors works the best.  They are sharp, small scissors that allow me to focus on one particular hair without snipping more than I intend to trim.  Once you have trimmed the split end, you are left with a hair that has been given a second chance at growth.

Now that your beard is being frequently brushed and you are searching out those split ends periodically with scissors in hand, it would be good to add one more tool to battle split ends…beard oil.  By applying beard oil to your whiskers every day, you are feeding your hairs with the needed moisture and nutrients necessary to stay clean, moisturized, and soft.  Beard oil won’t stop all the split ends but you will see a great decrease in the number of dried up and dying hairs in your beard.

When buying beard oil, make sure there are no chemicals or silicone listed as an ingredient.  Chemicals and alcohols dry out the hair and skin even more.  Silicone is designed to coat the hair in a film to keep it soft.  This ends up suffocating the hair and killing it.  The silicone also attracts dust and dirt to collect in the hairs which will dry out your whiskers, as previously mentioned.  At High Peaks Beard Company, we use only natural and organic ingredients which are specifically chosen to leave you with a happy and healthy beard and skin.  For more information about the ingredients we use, please check out our previous blog posts about the carrier oils and essential oils in our beard care products.

split ends

My final suggestion for beard growth is to take a daily multivitamin packed full of B vitamins.  B vitamins have been found to boost testosterone, increase hair growth, rejuvenate skin, and they help to give you a bit more energy throughout the day.  I have seen some beard care companies advertise “Beard Growth Pills” on their websites but don’t be fooled. Those “growth pills” are nothing more than a multivitamin with a hiked up price tag!

There you have it, four things that you can do to give that beard of yours the fighting chance it needs to become epic.  By trimming the fast growing hairs, brushing your beard regularly, trimming split ends, and applying beard oil, you will be keeping your beard healthy, clean, and growing long!

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    Hi, To look after your beard hair, you should use beard product like beard oil and beard balm. Beard oil is an oil-based light moisturizer that can be applied throughout your entire beard quickly and effortlessly. The balm actually sits on your beard and skin longer than the oil does before absorbing, which gives you more nourishing and longer-lasting moisture.

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