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Mountain Orchard Beard Oil – Available for a limited time


When I was a child my family and I would visit relatives in California. They owned a large orange orchard. I loved wandering around the grove of citrus trees, getting full on the sweet fruit as I devoured one orange after another. The juice would run down my chin and soak into my clothing. I would smell like oranges all day long!


Mountain Orchard beard oil reminds me of the days that I spent exploring those orange groves of my youth…minus the sticky face and clothes.


Picture yourself sitting in the shade of an orange tree on a sunny spring day. The gentle breeze blowing through your beard as you dream the day away. Yeah, that’s what happens when you wear Mountain Orchard beard oil! Mountain Orchard beard oil uses just a hint of cedar to balance out the sweet smell of orange giving your beard a burst of freshness throughout the day.


All our beard oils are made with natural ingredients to give you the best quality available for your beard. The essential oils used are all therapeutic-grade to further benefit your hair and skin allowing cleaner, healthier beard growth.


Beard oil is used to alleviate the irritating itch of new beard growth, soften your whiskers for a more kissable appeal & hydrate the skin beneath your beard. It will also give your face a fresh clean scent throughout the day plus open up and clean your hair follicles to improve beard growth. Beard oils are not just for those with new hair growth. This is an important item to keep at hand throughout the entire life of your beard. Short beard, long beard, goatee, five-o’clock shadow, it doesn’t matter! Beard oil is great at keeping your hair and skin soft, moisturized, and healthy every day.

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1 fl oz / 30 ml



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