Campfire Beard Balm


I can’t think of anything better than sitting around a campfire on a clear, starry night.  Flames flickering from charring logs.  Pine cones popping sending sparks and embers rocketing toward your feet.  Speared marshmallows catching fire when they dip too close to the sharp kiss of the red and orange blaze.  The fire’s smoke drifting from person to person causing everyone to routinely shuffle from one seat to another.  Long gazes and deep thoughts are never far away when you are seated around the wonderful inferno of a campfire.  Our Campfire beard balm will leave you reminiscing about those peaceful moments spent around the fire without drying out your facial forest.

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Campfire Beard Balm is the perfect blend of natural ingredients designed to keep your beard soft and manageable.  This balm will also aid in beard growth and reduce skin irritation while keeping your whiskers smelling like you just came from a camping adventure in the great outdoors!  This balm uses fir needle, bergamot, vetivert and patchouli oils which will not only remind you a campfire in the woods but are also known for reducing acne, dry skin and dandruff.  Give yourself a healthy forest while smelling like you just came from one!


All our beard balms are made with natural ingredients to give you the best quality available for your beard.  The essential oils used are all therapeutic grade in order to further benefit your hair and skin allowing cleaner, healthier beard growth.


Beard balm is used to soften your beard and help it smell great throughout the day.  Beard balm is thicker than beard oil so it will also help to give some shape for those with longer, thicker beards.  It only has a mild hold so don’t expect to be creating any fancy designs with your whiskers!  It can be used on its own or as an addition to our beard oil.

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1.5 oz / 42.5 g net wt.



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