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Do you remember rolling around in a freshly raked pile of autumn leaves?  Can you recall that crisp, dry scent all around you and the crunching sound that would bring such joy?  The leaves would get into everything – your hair, your clothes and even your mouth.  No pile of foliage was safe from your tromping.  They would all be flattened and tossed about eventually.  Enjoy that scent everyday with the help of Autumn beard oil.

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Autumn beard oil is a blend of natural ingredients specifically chosen to soften your beard, hydrate your skin and give you that childhood excitement of crunchy autumn leaves beneath your feet.  This beard oil has a noticeable cinnamon scent along with orange and tea tree to freshen your beard and  remind you of those crisp Autumn days spent outside.


All our beard oils are made with natural ingredients to give you the best quality available for your beard.  The essential oils used are all therapeutic grade in order to further benefit your hair and skin allowing cleaner, healthier beard growth.


Beard oil is used to alleviate the irritating itch of new beard growth, soften your whiskers for a more kissable appeal & hydrate the skin beneath your beard.  It will also give your face a fresh clean scent throughout the day plus open up and clean your hair follicles to improve beard growth.  Beard oils are not just for those with new hair growth.  This is an important item to keep at hand throughout the entire life of your beard.  Short beard, long beard, goatee, five-o’clock shadow, it doesn’t matter!  Beard oil is great at keeping your hair and skin soft, moisturized and healthy each and every day.

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1 fl oz / 30 ml



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2 reviews for Autumn

  1. JEREMY W RIDLEY (verified owner)

    Always makes me think of Thanksgiving when I use it. Definitely one of my go to’s!!!!

  2. Jeremy Ridley (verified owner)

    Nailed the essence of the Autumn scent. I really enjoyed it.

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