Fall Beard

This week marks the beginning of fall and things all around us are starting to change.  The sun no longer hangs as high in the sky.  Leaves are beginning to show signs of a new season.  Temperatures are starting to drop.  Men are coming out of summer baldness and starting to show signs of beard growth.

Fall Beard

If you are one of these men that has started returning to the bearded community, or if you are growing your beard for the first time, you might be experiencing one of the bearded men’s greatest nemesis, the dreaded beard itch.  We have all experienced it.  Now it’s time to get rid of it.

Did you know that one of the main reasons given by men for shaving off their facial forest is the irritating itch?  It is enough to drive a man insane!  The itch that all beard growers face occurs because their sebaceous glands in the skin are not producing enough natural oils to keep the skin and hairs hydrated.  The longer your beard gets, the more oil it takes to keep everything happy and hydrated.  However, your body can only produce so much oil, so your face or hair misses out on the hydration and starts drying out.  This process of drying out is what causes the face to itch, and the more you itch the quicker your face dries out.  It is a vicious cycle.

There is no need to suffer through all that itching.  The simple solution to the frustrating itch is to apply beard oil to your manly mane each day.  The best time to do this is just after you have washed your face or taken a shower.  For a detailed description to applying beard oil, please see my Beard Blog post aptly titled How to Apply Beard Oil.  The simple task of putting a little bit of oil in your beard everyday will not only keep your beard and skin hydrated but it will also keep those hairs clean and soft.

There is an overwhelming amount of beard oils out there to choose from.  So many, in fact, that it makes my head spin right now just thinking about it.  Price ranges vary quite a bit too.  I have seen some beard oils priced as high as $75!!  I don’t know about you, but I find that price quite high for just a single ounce of oil.  Here at High Peaks Beard Company, we have no intention of ripping you off.  We’re not out to get rich.  We do our best to price all our products reasonably so that every bearded man can afford it.  But, just because it is priced low does not mean it is any less grand then that $75 bottle of beard oil.

Quality is the number one thing we are always paying attention to when we buy our ingredients.  Everything we make uses either organic or natural ingredients.  We don’t use chemicals or preservatives during the making of our beard products.  When you look at our ingredient list, all you will see is a list of items you recognize.  High Peaks Beard Company is also a small batch company which means the oil you order is made when you order it.  Bottles aren’t just sitting around on shelves getting old and dusty.  When you open your bottle of beard oil for the first time, you can be sure that you are using a product that is only a few days old!

Fall Beard

Men, if you are anguishing through that beard itch then suffer no more!  Stop by our store today and find a beard oil that keeps your face and your wallet happy.  We also offer FREE SHIPPING for all of our products with no minimum purchase.  That means free shipping every single time you order from us!

What are you waiting for?  Stop by High Peaks Beard Company today and
Feed Your Forest with the best name in beard care.

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